I have to admit to being overly excited by the shot of his Allard that Chris Pring has supplied us. I love a good pan-shot and this image by James Lipman is fantastic, as I have told him!

Allard J2 OZ 4444 – The Story

Allard J2 ‘OZ 4444’ was exhibited at the Festival of Britain in 1951 before being delivered to Ulster racing driver Desmond Titterington. He campaigned her during the 1952/53 seasons, winning the international Leinster Trophy race in 1952. She was then shipped to Calcutta by Jimmy Braid and raced there extensively by Braid, Allan Ramsay and Peter Cowper – Ramsay winning the Calcutta ‘Grand Prix’ twice in the Allard.

Chris will be driving the ’51 Allard to this year’s event where you will be able to enjoy it.