Well our ‘Lucky 7’ TLB Revival finally happened after a two year (Covid fuelled) delay but it was worth the wait. It was as ever an eclectic mix of the weird & wonderful.

I suppose notable highlights were a 1910 Stanley Steamer right out of ‘wind in the willows’ almost silent amid clouds of steam unless the amazing steam powered hooter was deployed!

Certainly not silent was a brace of 1920’s Bugatti Grand Prix cars ( Type 37 & Type 51) making a spectacular entrance. The Straight 8 supercharged car drowning out everything else and clearly still a pretty ‘spikey’ thing to drive. In stark contrast was a sublime 1960 Ferrari 250 GTE (series 1). The size range too was remarkable from a dinky little Austin Seven Ulster Special with its 747cc 4 cylinder engine and 6 feet 3 inch wheelbase to a 1968 Pontiac Catalina Station wagon at over 18 ft long with 6.7 litre V8. Even that was outdone by a 1966 7.6 litre Pontiac Le Mans, often to be found on the local drag strips.

There was a bevy of charming pre war English cars too including a 1935 Triumph Gloria, a 1934 Jowett & a 1936 Riley Lynx. The 1940’s were well represented too including my 1948 Bentley Mk6 (rather in the shade of Stanley Steamer physically certainly) plus two Riley RMA’s and lovely Morris 8. Into the 1950’s a number of beautiful Jaguars, a charming and local Austin Devon and the earliest Austin Cambridge left on the road in sharp contrast again with 1956 Chevy pick-up.

The Swinging 60’s were represented with a wide range from both sides of ‘the pond’ An iconic convertible Mini facing two enormous 60’s Fords in the shape of a Galaxie ‘race car’ & a Thunderbird. A fine selection of Ford Anglia’s as always including a Police car vying for attention with a 1950’s Wolsey police right out of a British Black & white crime film. A stunning Jensen CV8 right out the 1960’s detective genre. Mk1 Lotus Cortina’s too, a charming Riley 1.5 ‘rally car’ and a very regal Daimler V8 with my 1969 Jaguar XJ6 book marking the end of the decade with a stunning 72 Jensen Interceptor bringing us in the 70’s. We may have to move our age limit forwards a bit to allow more of that decade’s marvels to attend.


The event is put on and sponsored by Turner Locker Barnfield Ltd commercial property agents and supported by creative agency, Toco Creative & Andrew Butler photography.