Recently confirmed entrant for the 2017 Turner Locker Barnfield Revival in Exeter, Chris Fuller’s Corsair GT Estate photographed sat with a few friends by the look of it too.

Chis comments:

We have owned the car since 1972 when it was purchased for £450 and used as the family car for the next 10 years surviving being customised (Blue metalflake paintwork, chrome side exhausts etc) then unused for the next 29 years!!!. In the meantime I grew up and removed all the crap and put it back to near original. It is at present having some cosmetic surgery and should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Only approximately 10 known surviving examples
It won car of the show at the Bristol Classic Car in 2013.

What a lovely and interesting vehicle can we admit to being a little intrigued by what it looked like prior to the restoration?

Now in its fourth year the Turner Locker Barnfield Revival was created by Turner Locker Barnfield a Commercial Property Agency and Consultancy based in Barbnfield Crescent in Exeter’s Southernhay area.

This years event will be held in Barnfield Crescent Exeter on September 24th 2017, full details here.