This lovely 1952 Daimler Consort has been confirmed and many thanks to George Reed for this fantastic information.

This year’s motoring event will be held in Barnfield Crescent Exeter on September 22nd 2019 at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, full details here.

Acquired in Leeds in 2007 as part exchange for 1950 Ford Prefect E493; the car is largely original, the front wings were repaired by the previous owner and the headliner has been replaced. Mechanically the car is maintained to the original specifications, so the Semaphores are fully functional and are used. The vehicle is in regular use for family days out, trips away, friend’s weddings and just for fun: it has not been seen previously on display.

  • Body: Saloon, 4/5 Seats, Black with Red Leather interior
  • Engine: 6 Cylinders (straight), Petrol, 2.5 Litre returning approximately 20MPG
  • Carburettor: Single 1 ¼ inch SU on a Water Heated Inlet Manifold
  • Gear-box: 4 Speed Pre-select, Fluid Flywheel (There is no clutch)
  • Speed: 0 to 60 – never measured! However, it cruises easily at 70mph with 4 people onboard.
  • Suspension: Front: Same set up as the MGBT, which is Coil Springs
  • Rear: Left and Right Leaf Springs
  • Brakes: Type: Drum
  • Operation: Hydraulic Front and Cable & Rod to the rear.

Stopping distances are good but somewhat less reactive than modern systems. It should be noted that none of the vehicle’s systems are power assisted, they all fall under the heading of; “One Man Power” i.e. the driver! It has a big steering wheel because it needs a big steering wheel.

Chassis & Body

5”x2.5” Steel ‘C’ Section; body was Coach Built at Hearn, ply wood is extensively used throughout the car particularly the cabin floor and the ‘boot’ which has an Ash plywood frame overlaid with steel panels these panels are secured by wood screws to the frame. Lead loading on the joints produces a smooth finish. The rear quarter lights and the rear window are secured in place with wooden frames. These cars suffer from metal corrosion and wood rot, it should also be noted that woodworm is a serious threat to the vehicle’s integrity and is actively treated.

Vehicle Features

Cabin Heater with electric blower, Electric Windscreen Wipers, Valve Radio, and Self-Oiler System for Suspension components, this is automatic and is powered by a heat expansion and contraction chamber. Vehicle was manufactured with Vehicle Jacks in place, one behind each rear wheel and one centrally mounted at the front, one needs a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and the strength of Geoff Capes to understand and operate these ‘easy to use’ jacks!

The car is largely in original condition, headliner has been replaced and the front wings have been repaired. The Air Silencer has been painted, these cars were not fitted with an Air Filter and that is how it remains today. Apart from necessary repairs the engine, it and the ancillaries are the originals. The cylinder head gasket replaced in July 2018; it had ‘blown’ between cylinders 1 & 2, it was not necessary to ‘skim’ the head or block and the cylinders were not unduly worn. The vehicle is still fitted with plug-in 240v electrical mains driven engine pre-heater system, this is fully operational but is not used for safety reasons.

Now in its sixth year the Turner Locker Barnfield Revival was created by Turner Locker Barnfield a Commercial Property Agency and Consultancy based in Barnfield Crescent in Exeter’s Southernhay area.

This year’s motoring event will be held in Barnfield Crescent Exeter on September 22nd 2019 at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, full details here.