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Half Timbered: Morris Minor Traveller

I think it was Dame Edna Everage who first coined the term half timbered car. My first motoring memory was my parents' saloon but even then the Traveller had a caché about it. Andy Winters will be bringing his '68 Traveller to this year's Turner Locker Barnfield Revival, this weekend, [...]

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John Bennett’s ’63 Humber Sceptre to Attend 2016 Turner Locker Barnfield Revival

My religious education teacher had a Humber Sceptre (an awfully long time ago) although his was green; not red with white-walls! It was one of the cars of interest in the staff car-park. The head had one of the original Capri's (not Consul) which was gold with a black bonnet. [...]

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1949 Riley 1.5 RMA The McGahan Special Bodied Tourer

A huge thanks to Jonathan Bell for this great write-up of his 1949 Riley that he will be driving to this September's Turner Locker Barnfield Revival in. The RM series were the last cars independently produced by the Riley Motor Company. Production began in 1945 and finally ended in 1955 [...]

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